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Great idea! I like simple concept that are very well executed.

nyunesu responds:

Thaank you (:

great game! simple and fun!

AlienPlay responds:

Thank you! :D

I would resize the resolution to a smaller size, now I have to use the scrollbars to see everything, but I see you already know this.

For a first game this is not bad. This doesn't look like you just uploaded a tutorial project but really tried to make something yourself. Stuff you can add to make it better are of course music and sounds, animations etc. Putting some text in each level is really great I never done something like that because I have no writing skills but maybe you do and you can add some narrative this way.

Keep making games!

Zokaper responds:

Hi! Thanks for you feedback! I will definitaly look in to adding music to the game.
About that frame size thing, you can zoom out in your browser. I know it is inconvienient bit i unfortunatly can't fix it. Thanks for your feedback, it means alot!

Interesting concept that worked out well. Seems to be your first game. I'm very intrigued how you come up with this.

Kiddow responds:

I have done some other games at my gamejolt account https://gamejolt.com/@Kiddow/games all them done for game jams ;p

cool puzzle. for me the right amount of challenge (not to hard)

Diemorth responds:

Glad it was a positive experience! :) I hope the upcoming games will keep that feeling! :D

Its a good start! Good music and art!

Theihe responds:

I'm sure Prutte will appreciate that <3 I'll pass it on!

Have a good day!

Very cool. Good visuals.

KingCringe responds:

Thank you!

Awesome game but very hard. Died 100 times in the first level alone. Controls are tight as it's suppose to be in a hard platformed. Wish you include a mute music button because it's getting repetitive after a while.

Zentiq responds:

Thank you! I forgot how necessary a mute button is, I’ll see what I can do to add one.

— I have added a setting to mute the audio, the button is located on the left side of the menu screen.

great game. The wobbly walking animation of the cat is awesome!

platformalist responds:

Thanks MrNannings! :)

Great game. Feeling like Godzilla crushing buildings. Music is awesome too.

SilverwareGames responds:

Thanks! I still remember listening to Blues Drive Monster by the pillows as a kid and then looking up the lyrics having it be about wanting to wreck up the town. Angry kid I was!

Thank you for playing my games!

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