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cool game.

XYsquid responds:


cool unique shooter game

fun game add scoreboards!

very nice game. impressive you made this in 72 hours.

Good game, controls feels good even the swimming.
I had one sort of bug, the intro movie did not stop at the end i had to esc myself.
How many levels are there?

HeadbanGames responds:

I will check out the intro bug, probably something stupid :)

The entire game will be 4 floors, 4 levels on each floor, 5 levels on the 4th.
Each level is ranging from 6-10 connected scenes, plus there are the train and submarine levels and 4 game in game arcade games, and about 10 boss fights.

Each floor will be much bigger than the previous, it will be about 10-12 hours of game play.

The online demo currently has only the first floor, which is about 10% of the game, approximately 1 hour of gameplay, depends on how good you are :)

Level design for floor 2+3 is finished, that is another 45% of the game.

For the first early access version, we'll release a beta with the first and second floor.

The third floor needs to go through some visual design, adding background elements and such, so it will be released in the second update batch.

Floor 4 is still under construction, but I'm not working on it now, since I need to finish up beta for early access.

Game is brutal. Can use a easy mode.
Gfx are great, music is good.

Funny Game! It has a lot of content. It's very worth the money.

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

Thank you for buying the game my mindless customrAHHEMMMMmmMMM I mean my true believer in the future of procedural gaming and it's clear superiority over regular boring games such as RPGs, Action Games, Strategy games, Adventure games and all that bullshit..

Nice game. All the different levels is what making this game great. I always wonder what kind of level theme comes next.

Everything is great. Music is great. The art is good. The shop is a good idea. The red arrow is thoughtful.

I know the resolution is for the jam but can you make a bigger version or fullscreen one.

Wolod responds:

Thanks! I'll consider making a post-jam version with normal resolution.

This game can use some better sprites. You can just look for royalty free assets or make yourself in Inkscape. If this is your first game its good, that shop is a good addition.

I make games.

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